Lawn Care

Choosing which type of lawn is best

There are a few ways to create a lush, green lawn. Seeding provides a variety of options for different environments at an inexpensive cost, and sod provides an instant lawn.

4 step Hydroseed Process:

  • •  Ground preparation: We final grade and rake the lawn area.
  • •  Drill seeding/Broadcast seeding: Using a mechanical seeder, we broadcast the seed onto the soil.
  • •  Hydroseed application: We spray over the broadcast seeding with a green blanket mixture containing fertilizer, straw & wood-fiber mulch. The mulch serves to protect the seed from erosion while retaining moisture & speeding up the germination process. The mulch gives a green finish & helps control dust & dirt.
  • •  Treatment One follow up fertilization. And if weeds exceed 20% we will apply one weed treatment.

Seed types – Elite Kentucky Blue, Perennial Rye, & Fescue


  • •  Cost effective: < 1/3 price of sod
  • •  Adaptability: seed mixture can change to meet needs
  • •  Effectiveness: mulch protects seed while speeding up germination

Sod Installation Process:

  • •  Install irrigation system – optional
  • •  Remove debris – all stones & roots
  • •  Add topsoil – we add a 2” layer of topsoil & compost
  • •  Grading – we fine grade the soil to make a smooth base for your lawn
  • •  Install sod – we unroll the sod & fit pieces together tightly
  • •  Roll sod – to ensure good contact with soil – optional
  • •  Fertilize & water


  • •  Instant appeal
  • •  Initial maintenance to get lawn established is easier
  • •  It has a tight root system that keeps weeds at a minimum

Fertilization & Weed Control Programs

A well-balanced lawn fertilization and weed control program is the key to achieving a thriving lawn. Most soils don’t have the proper nutrients to support a thick and healthy lawn. Annual lawn treatments promote a greener lawn in several ways.

The 4-step program is our standard fertilization and weed control program. It combines fertilization with crabgrass pre-emergent and broadleaf weed control treatments. Spring applications are necessary to establish healthy, weed-free growth. Fertilization treatments in the fall help your lawn recover from the stress of summer. It improves color, root structure and density, and helps it survive the winter so that it comes back stronger and fuller in the spring.

Early Spring:  Pre-emergent/crabgrass/fertilizer/Broadleaf weed controlThis application prevents crabgrass seeds from germinating and invading your lawn in the summer

Early Summer:  Fertilizer/Broadleaf weed control—This is a controlled release that feeds your lawn with weed control

Late Summer:   Fertilizer/Broadleaf weed control—This application provides nutrients to help your lawn recover from the stress of summer

Early Fall:  Fertilizer/Broadleaf weed control—This application encourages winter root growth and helps promote early spring growth

* An optional 5th step can be provided. In June we can apply an insecticide for grub control and lawn pests.


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